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Packages needed

1. “Enhanced Write Filter” (“FeaturePack” => “Embedded Enabling Features” => “Enhanced Write Filter”)
2. “Embedded Windows 7 Boot Environment” (“FeaturePack” => “Boot Environments” => “Embedded Windows 7 Boot Environment”)
This package contains the HORM aware boot binaries necessary to make HORM work. Do not use the native boot binaries in the peer package (“FeaturePack” => “Boot Environments” => “Windows 7 Boot Environment”)
3. Useful utilities such as shutdown.exe, regedit, diskpart etc
3a.”Power Management” (“FeaturePack” => “Management” => “Power Management”)
3b. “System Management” (“FeaturePack” => “Management” => “System Management”)

Preferrably resolve all optional dependencies as well. Build and install the image containing these packages. Follow these steps to configure HORM post install

(4) Enable hibernation
> powercfg.exe /h ON

(5) Disable false bootstat warnings
> bcdedit.exe /set {current} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures

(6). Enable EWF on all partitions
> ewfmgr.exe /all /enable

(7) Restart to have the command take effect
> shutdown.exe /r /t 0

(8). Activate HORM
> ewfmgr.exe C: /activatehorm

(9). Capture the HORM state by hibernating the machine once
> shutdown.exe /h

(10) Resume the machine and start using HORM. At this point each restart should result in a resume from the state captured in the previous step

(11) If you wish to deactivate HORM
> ewfmgr.exe C: -deactivatehorm

(12) If you wish to disable ewf (disable HORM first)
> ewfmgr.exe /all /disable
followed by a restart


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